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Wargaming, the developer behind World of Tanks, introduced the ID to simplify access for all services offered by One account for World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, World of Warships and other sites like forums and fansites.

Wargaming is using OpenID as the technique behind the ID.

Link to the official ID Site with even more Informations:
* European Server
* North American Server
* Russian Server
* ASIA Server

Read more about OpenID:
OpenID on Wikipedia


vBaddict implemented a client which can authenticate with the Wargaming OpenID Server to verify if the user is the owner of the profile.

Authentication is done via communication between Wargaming OpenID Server and vBAddict's OpenID Client.

OpenID does not submit the password used for authentication, therefore vBAddict is not even able to read it.


By using the ID you are able to authenticate with vBAddict without the need to create an additional account.