Why I've been redirected to vBAddict.net?

wotreplays.org has closed it's doors. Some words from Scrambled, the owner of wotreplays.org:

Due to personal life being put pretty much on it’s head with a variety of “interesting” things that happened (some real bad, some good) that I won’t bore you with right now, things have unfortunately come to the point that I have to shut down wotreplays.org - reasons being that with life being what it is right now I no longer really have the time to dedicate to wotreplays.org, not as much as I’d like to and not as much as I need to.
That has left me with the problem that I ran into before where I can keep running it, but feature additions and patch updates will be ridiculously slow, which means the site will basically break after a while. The other option is to call it quits (again, yes) and make sure everyone’s got a chance to get their replays and such downloaded before things are closed.

-- Scrambled, wotreplays.org

What happened to my Replays on wotreplays.org?

All Replays were transferred over to vBAddict.
Please keep in mind: If you didn't used vBAddict before, you will have just a limited Account until you upload your Dossier.

You'll need to login to gain access to your Replays.
  • If you were previously registered on vBAddict, your Replays are automatically assigned with your visibility settings.
  • If you didn't used vBAddict yet, an Account has been created and your Replays are set to hidden. You are able to change the visibility settings here.

About vBAddict.net?

vBAddict is the leading site related to file based dossier Statistics and Replays. On vBAddict, Gamers are uploading ~1200 Replays per hour, for a whole day almost 30.000 fresh Replays are available.
For vBAddict you don't need to pay a fee and you are not forced to view ads. Servers are paid by donations.

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