WOT Statistics will allow you to monitor your progress in World Of Tanks. It will show you detailed information regarding your statistics. You can easily see which area's you need to focus on to make improvements in your game.
WOT Statistics will update after every battle showing you the results. It also has a built in efficiency calculator which updates after every game. The application supports FTP uploads, which means that clans leaders/commanders can track their players stats after every battle.

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Changes and future plans

NSaaiman created WOT Statistics with the help of vBAddict's Dossier-2-JSON Project. Since early 2014 he has no more time for the further development. He talked with me about this topic and I offered him to take care about this Application. In April 2014, I released the WOT Statistics v2.5 to the public.

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WOT Statistics v2.5 has been released

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The programming and maintenance of the site is eating much time and money. The server costs me monthly 132 EUR, which has to be payed from my own pocket. There are no disturbing Ads.

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Open Source

WOT Statistics is available as open source project.

WOT Statistics Open Source